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Posted by on in Workshops
A revolutionary workout. Challenge yourself with a combination of Self Myofascial Release Techniques and a core workout using The GRID™ roller! We will Lengthen, Strengthen and create Total Body Tension using the GRID foam roller, then end the class with a SMRT-CORE Flush!    Feel the difference in your range of motion, flexibility, and strength in body and core!
Option to purchase the Grid roller as cash and carry
Space is limited to 11 participants.
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SMRT-CORE™ 6-week series with Destiny Hurst

October 4th-November 8th

Fridays: 9:30am-10: 30am

Members: $38/ Non-Members $68 RSVP your space!

Space is limited!! The Grid™ rollers will be supplied and, can be purchased at the time of series.

” What you tolerate…you accept”- Cassidy Phillips

SMRT-CORE ™ ~ a revolutionary workout. Challenge yourself with a combination of Self Myofasial Release Techniques and a core workout using The GRID™ roller! Experience the many benefits of SMRT-CORE™ work with the GRID foam roller. Combining self-massage (self-Myofasial release techniques) and progressive core work.

This SMRT-Core™ class you will build on:

• Improve posture

• Core stability

• Build Strength so you can carry out your demands in daily living and physical goals in your yoga practice, marathons, cycling events,

• Train functional movement patterns

• Flexibility will allow your body to move better and decrease risk of injury.

• Restore the body with self-massage.

Built-in levels make this class great for all fitness levels. Whether you are an athlete or just wanting to feel better come feel the difference in your performance!

Instructor: Destiny Hurst ACE Fitness Professional and SMRT-Core® Instructor, Trigger Point Performance Therapy Affiliate:

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Posted by on in Thoughts and Info

Mothers Day weekend!
All Saturday classes will run as scheduled
Restorative on Saturday at 9:15am instead of 101

Sunday's Line up!
Heart Opening Hatha with Grace Duckworth at 4pm!
Hot Yoga with Debra Obryan at 6pm!

Happy Mothers Day!


Beauty and grace, through her expression of faith.
Comfort and tears, she helps calm my fears.
Love and Life, she's always my guide.
There will never be another, she's forever my mother.  Amy McCae

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Posted by on in Thoughts and Info

Stress Reduction Tip

Remember to notice your breath throughout the day, as often as possible. If the breath feels tense, acknowledge it. The simple act of acknowledging often has a healing effect. If your breath is feeling stressed, chances are that you are too.

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Posted by on in Thoughts and Info

As we go through life we enter and exit different stages; at each stage we have to find
our balance. When we are young, the stages are easy to define: toddler, middle school
students, and so on. As we age, the stages are harder to define, and more intertwined.
My roles were very clear to me for a long time; I was a high school science teacher and
gymnastics coach. I didn’t have time for much else. Then I got married. I became a
wife, teacher, and coach. As I adjusted to my new roles I needed to find balance. I was
nine months pregnant when my husband took a new job and we moved cross-country
to the east coast. Before I adjusted to living in Washington DC we had our first child.
Twenty months later, we had a second and twenty months after that a third child. I
was a stay-at-home mother, wife, and…what? I didn’t know. I was waiting tables for
extra cash and some adult contact time, but I knew I was not a career waitress nor
was I a career stay-at-home mom. My husband suggested I write a description of an
ideal job/life - so I did. To my utter amazement, I found a job in the classified two days
later that I could have written! I took the job as Youth Employment Program Manager,
which was the perfect blend of philanthropy and idealism for me! It was across the
street from the daycare and the hours were flexible. I found my balance, and then we
moved again.

The five of us moved into my in-law’s basement in Lee’s Summit. I am eternally grateful
they took us in until we could sell the house; it was challenging raising children in that
situation. Our life was stressful to say the least. I had three children from ages 4 to 8,
my oldest started school, we moved into another house, and I was waiting tables again.
Everyone in the family seemed to be off kilter and needless to say, I felt way out of

Fortunately for my family and me I found the Zen Zone. Just walking in the front door
is like a breath of tranquility for me. The space is calming and…well, Zen. The clientele
and staff embody the peace and respect that is missing in society at large. When I
walk into the space, I begin to breathe easier and the burdens I carry lighten. As I
take a place on my mat in the studio, the monkey on my back is temporarily caged and
the voices in my mind still. My tree pose becomes stable, rooted, and grounded. I am
balanced. I take that feeling with me when I roll up my mat after shavasana. I am
a 40-something mother of three, with three jobs, two degrees, a house, a dog, and a
husband, volunteer at school and church. I’m not sure what is next in my life, but it’s all
good because I have found balance within.


Jennifer K Hamilton

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Posted by on in Workshops

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Posted by on in Workshops

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Now, here I am actually taking a stab at it, and I find myself wondering if anyone will read it and if anyone will be affected by it.   Will it be a waste of their time or will it be a waste of mine?  (This can be either-or, or both.)   What if I can lighten the mood of someone who doesn't even know me?  What if I can inspire or encourage someone today?  What if the effect doesn't happen for days or weeks or months?  Until the blog archives are purged?  (I feel pressure to say the right thing, to say something important and timely YET timeless.  Or just press the backspace key until it's all just a "never-mind".)


Before I "do nothing" in the face of a challenge to try something new (as sometimes happens) I will assume the only way to proceed is to envision my reader as someone who may benefit from reading this blog entry, so here I go.


I like working at the Zen Zone because of the kind of people that I get to see there; people who are trying be healthy and strong in mind and body and spirit, people who are seeking the positive energy of other like-minded people.  I feel the same way about my Church community;   I am encouraged in growing my faith when I come together with them to learn and to worship together. These are ways that I choose to put myself in situations that encourage and nourish my spirit.   Here's the clincher:  The richness of the blessings of coming together with others can be felt more keenly when I am aware of my role in helping OTHERS feel encouraged in MY presence. Here you have it - my goal for myself (feel free to share it with me) in this directive:

Take an active, purposeful role in encouraging others, and let them know they are encouraging me.


Isn't that another way of saying "NAMASTE"?


Bev Foley

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When the rain came I didn't rush into the store like I have in the past. I slowed my pace and lingered feeling the welcoming moisture on my arms. In my yoga practice I also like slowing the pace, lingering in the pose, noticing how it feels. I am grateful for my practice for yoga has taught me to slow down, be present in THIS moment and enjoy the raindrops.


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Posted by on in Videos

history of yoga


When did Yoga start?

The origins of Yoga are lost in antiquity. According to tradition, the Samkhya philosophy along with the Yoga school are considered to be the oldest among the six schools of Hindu philosophy, older even than the Upanishads. This however does not give us much information because there is controversy about the dating of the Upanishads and other Hindu scriptures like the Yoga sutras, with dates ranging from 1500-500 BCE (according to Western experts) and 4500-3000 BCE according to Indian tradition.

In this context, this image is very important (image from here). The image is from a seal from the Indo-Saraswati civilization, from the city of Mohenjodaro. It shows a figure in a Yogic posture. The image is quite clearly an image of the God Shiva, the God of Yoga. Various aspects point to this, like the three faced image, the crown with buffalo horns and three peepul leaves, etc.

The image is undoubtedly in a Yogic posture. Since the date of the Mohenjodaro civilization is quite well established and archeologically dated (flourishing from around 4500 BCE, the beginning, and dying out around 2500 BCE), we can say from this that knowledge of Yoga has been there from at least around 3000 BCE, and very likely from much earlier.

Yoga can be said to have begun formally with the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. Patanjali is an ancient figure whose details are lost in history, at present we know nothing else about him other than the name. The same is true of the origin of the theoretical philosophical school associated with Yoga, the Samkhya philosophy. Samkhya has its origins in the Samkhya Karika of Kapila muni. Of this sage also we know only the name.

The six schools of Hindu philosophy are grouped in two’s, the Nyaya-Vaisesika, the Samkhya-Yoga and Purva Mimamsa-Vedanta. Of this pair of Samkhya-Yoga, the Samkhya is the theoretical aspect and the Yoga is the practical aspect.

Samkhya-Yoga is said to be most ancient among these six schools. Hence it is considered older than the Vedanta school of philosophy. At present the Vedanta is the prevalent mode of philosophy at present, so that when we say Hindu philosophy, we mean the Vedanta philosophy.

The Bhagawat Geeta, which expounds the Vedanta philosophy, does not mention the Raja Yoga system, which is based on Patanjali’s Yoga sutras, though it mentions the other three streams of Yoga – Bhakti, Gyan and Karma, which are based on the Vedanta philosophy.

From this, it is likely that Raja Yoga (or simply Yoga as it is now known) was still considered a part of the Samkhya system at the time of the composition of the Geeta and epics like the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

But over time, Yoga has come to be incorporated into mainstream Vedanta philosophy. Even though the original Samkhya philosophy on which it was based has been overcome by the more sophisticated thought of Vedanta, Yoga continues to gather in strength even in the present day.

In the modern age, we are witnessing a further resurgence of Yoga. It is probably the fastest growing religious-spiritual practice in our day. Just as it was once adapted into the Vedanta philosophy, we now see it being adapted by various other philosophies like atheism, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and many more.

Thus perhaps the oldest philosophical system with its roots deep in the first steps of human civilization continues to adapt and strengthen and provide spiritual comfort to humankind.

(found @





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Celebrate the Spring Equinox at the Zen Zone!


As we move away from the cold and enter into warmth, on March 21, the world will experience 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of darkness. The spring equinox (literally translated to equal night) celebrates the change of seasons and a symbolizes "breaking out of the darkness" that has been acquired over the past several months of winter. In yoga, it is celebrated through a practice of transformation and renewal.


Tree Pose


Join Amy Wald on Tuesday, March 21, to celebrate the Spring Equinox at the Zen Zone from 6:45-8 pm. Energize your body through a practice of awakening vitality in preparation for the upcoming season in a candle lit Zen Hatha class setting. Let go of the grogginess and inactivity of winter; open your heart to renewal and growth in your practice!

See you soon!


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