Super Team

Gwen Hull

I have been a certified fitness professional since I obtained my AFAA certification in 1986 ( believe it or not that is 27 years). I have taught all ages, abilities, and special needs (kids, seniors, pre-natal, arthritis, high school/college athletes etc. My formal education is a Bachelor's degree in Health & Physical Education 1991 from the University of Missouri-Columbia; and a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology & Biomechanics from the University of Kansas 1998 (Go Tigers! Go Jayhawks!). My master's thesis was accepted for presentation at the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Convention in 1999.

I was recognized by Yoga Alliance-RYT (Registered yoga teacher) 2005 at the 200 Level, and I have received Yoga certifications from Maya yoga, Satsang yoga (Vedanta Shala), BFit Yoga, and attended continuing education workshops with Bhavani Maki, David Williams, Doug Swenson, Jeffery Cohen, Bryan Kest, Kim Schwartz, Anna Forest, Tim Miller, Mark Blanchard, Genevieve Crosslin, Gretchen Robinson, Kathleen Kastner, Wade Mortenson, and many other fabulous teachers to whom I am most grateful.

I've presented over 100 workshops on related yoga topics: Anatomy, Pre-natal, pelvic strength and stability, low back pain prevention, preventing repetitive strain injuries, caring for caregivers, Thai Massage, Living in Balance, and Ashtanga Yoga. The strength of my teaching comes from my Catholic Faith, being married to Alan Hull for 22 years, and from being a mother to my four wonderful children: Tanner (20), Amanda (18), Natalie (14), and William (11). I love running (completed 5 marathons, hence the need for yoga), playing tennis, and practicing yoga.


I currently teach at Maya yoga, Fit for Life, and The Zen Zone. I am the Varsity Track coach at O'Hara High School, and JV Girls Tennis Coach. I have taught tennis in the Summer for the last 25 years for the Raytown Parks and Recreation. Most of all, I love teaching yoga and sharing the healing practice with everyone I meet.

Yoga Philosophy
My purpose for practicing yoga and teaching yoga is to be closer to God. Yoga is a discipline, a tool for survival and healing in the moment. Yoga is about stilling the fluctuations of the mind, and doing the work of the yamas and niyamas. When I am physically or emotionally drained, even a short practice can clear the muddy waters of my perception, and connect me with my deeper purpose. I love sharing how to still the body and the mind in order to get out of your own self and connect with the divine. I believe your intentions and your actions create your world, and in turn affect everyone. You cannot know everything by the mind. God cannot be understood by the mind, because mind is matter. Yoga and my faith teaches there is a higher knowledge- spirit (God). Only in silence can it be explained. Therefore, meditate on anything that will elevate you (Yoga Sutra 1:39). In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went to a deserted place, and there he prayed (Mark I:35). This is my journey toward the Light.