Super Team

Rebecca Kopechek

I started my Pilates journey in college when my roommate introduced me to the idea. She was a little firecracker who biked all over town in blizzards, and ate nutritious food every day. She inspired me to try her Pilates class. I was hooked! That was 15 or so years ago and now I have been teaching Pilates for 9 years!

I am a prop junky; I love new toys, new music, and new ideas. I am always looking for a way to challenge the class. The best part of teaching is seeing so many achieve their personal goals, gain core strength and balance, and find a passion for Yoga and Pilates that they can continue for the rest of their lives. The members at “The Zen Zone” have been incredibly committed to their journey. They literally change their bodies and lives right before my eyes! I am amazed and humbled every day by each of you.

I never in a million year thought I was the “yoga” type. I couldn’t control a chaturanga to save my life, and Sanskrit scared me. I slowly fell in love with it as I started to truly “practice.” I needed the reminders to connect with breath, and to be present. I love the poses; they are so challenging even if simple. Most of all I love looking around my class and seeing people relaxed, eyes closed, and smiling. It is so spiritual and real to me. With the way our world is, I think everyone, kids included, should have a yoga practice. I can only hope one day it will be part of a school day, and part of a work day for all. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

I plan to continue with my yoga training until there is nothing left to take. Currently, I have completed Yoga Fit Level 1, 2, 3, and Anatomy and Alignment! I am also certified through AFAA, PiYo, Booty Barre, and Silver Sneakers. I have taken many workshops with the amazing Sadie Nardini and Tyler McCoy as well. They are rock stars. I have also taught a variety of classes at other gyms around the area. I love it all!

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio. I have 5 older, and wiser brothers and sisters. I am an Aunt of 18 amazing kids from ages 10-30. I am also a great Aunt of 5 awesome cuties! I love my family and miss them greatly. It was my mom who practiced Pilates with me for years. She is in her 70’s and just starting to wind down a bit, but still works out. She inspires me that anyone can do it, but they have to want to.

I have a son, Leo, who is almost 10. Wow, where does the time go? He has two sisters Marie (16) and Maisy (14) who live in Blue Springs. They are all on a competitive swim team that keeps me very busy, as well as super students! I love watching him imagine, build, play sports, play piano and create art. What can I say the kid has many talents; and I am one proud mama.

I am also a middle school teacher. I currently teach "Broadcasting” at Bernard Campbell Middle School to eighth graders. I truly look forward to my time teaching adults in the evening; you are my balance.

I love eating great food, bathing in the warm sun, traveling to new places, meeting new people, seeing my family, holidays, white wine, laughing at lunch with my girlfriends, watching the kids enjoy sports, and snuggling with Leo. The people I have met since I have been teaching here are the salt of the earth. You all inspire me! I am honored to be a part of “The Zen Zone” and want to thank everyone who has dedicated their time and efforts to practicing with me.