Super Team

Destiny Hurst


Being a part of a goal, watching others grow, a visionary, dreaming big, and doing things regardless of the obstacle, finding a way, taking action, these things are all a part of me and what I long to share with others.



Some of my dreams were to work with children, become a Personal Trainer/Coach, and be a wife and mother. I am from Lincoln Nebraska, my husband and I along with our two daughters moved to Lee’s Summit in 2008. I had left a former successful real estate career to be a stay at home mom with my two daughters. During that time I revisited my dreams again for being a Personal Trainer. So in 2011, I received my ACE Certified Personal Trainer certification. After taking a few PiYo classes with a friend and mentor of mine, it had inspired me to find out how I could teach PiYo to others; this drove me personally to become certified as a PiYo Strength Instructor in 2011.

I have found such peace in my personal yoga practice and it has been a beautiful addition from all the hats I wear, I look forward to working on additional trainings and certifications in 2013.  Yoga is a journey, not a destination. I have continued to research and educate myself on Myofasial Release Therapy and have found amazing relief and have been able to share with others after taking SMRT-Core Programming through Trigger Point Performance Therapy. Having an Associate degree in Human Services with an emphasis with Youth Specialty has allowed me to work with the child population and understand Behavior Modification. These past and former roles have driven me to continue to work in what I am passionate about….. And that is working with people! Encouraging and educating others is an exciting role to be a part of and has its great rewards! I strive to make personal connections with my clients and class and deliver sound fitness industry trends in a creative safe and fun environment!

I believe “What you think about you bring about.” Positive changes and thoughts bring forth healthy concepts and lifestyle changes. Challenging yourself to the next level is empowering and can be harnessed through our daily activities.