Super Team

Mary Anderson

Mary's playful, energetic and creative style of yoga is a fusion of her love of Prana Flow®yoga, Pilates and Bodybuilding. Her intentions are to empower and inspire students on their path of exploration and taking steps toward their fullest potential. She has over a decade of teaching experience and during this duration has had the privilege of studying and practicing with various distinguished teachers locally, as well teachers visiting the Kansas City area. Her biggest inspiration being Gina Caputo -Yogini on the loose, former owner and director of Kansas Siddhi Yoga. Mary was a graduate of the 2009 inaugural Kansas Siddhi School of Yoga 200hr RYT.

Happiness is not something we can buy or even acquire outside ourself. It is created from within based on your thoughts and actions. Somewhere between the love in your heart and thoughts in your mind is a happy and peaceful place. Life truly shrinks or expands in proportion to ones thoughts, actions and courage. Through a mindful yet exuberayting yoga practice we gain insight toward aligning these principles. Ultimately, allowing our light to shine, living fully, loving fearlessly! Even when we fall, we shine...Glitter Skid-marks ;) Because the only thing more important than being true to yourself is being as fabulous as possible while you're at it. Liberate your life force -get your yoga on!

Prana Flow® an evolutionary method of embodied transformation and radiant health

cultivating inner and outer, strength and fluidity, skill and intuition, vital energy and relaxed being, activation and receptivity, through balanced and creative fluid sequences (vinyasa) a catalyst for transforming old patterns and paradigms of the body, self and the world to discover the potency and creativity within a way of liberating the natural flow of the spontaneous intelligence a cultivation of the art of yoga including movement, music, sound, visual arts and poetry to deepen the flow a way to ride the waves of breath, change and life rhythms living, loving, serving life in all forms.